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We provide multifaceted services tailored to your specific needs. Please select the choice that best describes your situation to see the corresponding list of services. If your specific circumstances are different from those listed below, please contact us and tell us what your needs are so that we can help you.

If you or family member has just been diagnosed with a chronic illness ?

Emotional Support  First and foremost, we will be there for you emotionally as you begin to comprehend your diagnosis. We will be there to instill in you the knowledge that you can succeed and triumph over the chronic illness . Your patient navigator will be your friend and confidante and help to uplift your spirits, which will in turn help you to regain your health.


Communication with Employer  We will help you to communicate effectively with your employer, and we will inform you of your rights as an employee and how to enforce those rights .

Medical Team/Coordination of Care  We will help you to put in place a medical team that offers coordinated care

Medical Research  We will research the chronic illness, treatment options, side-effects of medications, the latest medical news and research in the area, alternative and complementary medicine treatments

Second Opinion   We will help you to determine when a second opinion is absolutely vital and facilitate obtaining one.

Treatment Options   We will provide objective assistance to help you to decide which treatment options are right for you.

Attendance at Doctors’ Appointments and Hospital Visits  We will attend essential doctors’ appointments with you, take notes, and ensure that all vital questions are answered. We will also meet you at the emergency room at any time of the day or night.

Medical Mistakes/Hospital Acquired-Infections   We will help to reduce the risk of these mistakes and infections by monitoring your care while you are in the hospital. We will keep track of your medications and ensure that all caregivers and visitors adhere to the highest level of care, safety, and hygiene

Surgery   We will attend all pre-surgery testing procedures with you and ensure that you and your family feel prepared for a successful and safe hospital experience following your surgery. We will ensure that the hospital is aware of your medical history, your medication allergies, etc. We will be with you at the hospital on the day of your surgery and will help to make your time in the pre-operation area as comfortable and as efficient as possible. We will be there when you are released from the recovery room following the surgery to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, that your pain is under control and that you have everything that you need.

Hospital Stays   We will make sure that you have everything that you need while at the hospital.  We will be there to make sure you never have to wait so that your hospital stay is as painless and stress-free as possible.

Hospital Forms   We will fill out all hospital forms/paperwork on your behalf and make sure that you are aware of all benefits available to you while at the hospital

Medical Bill Support   We will help you review these bills for accuracy, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in inaccurate or unjustified charges.

Insurance Negotiation   We will explain exactly what your health insurance plan covers, and how to understand the “explanation of benefits” statements that arrive in your mail. We will check for discrepancies and inaccuracies, and we will also negotiate on your behalf in the event of a denial of care/reimbursement, or a refusal to provide permission for care.

Application for Government Benefits   We will apply for any government benefits to which you may be entitled, including Medicare and Social Security Disability.

Discharge/Facilitation of Home Care   We will ensure that you understand all discharge instructions and that your hospital. We will arrange for any physical therapy, occupational therapy, and any other forms of therapy upon discharge from the hospital. We will also coordinate and facilitate any required home care, ensuring that any required intravenous medications are delivered and that any visiting nurse appointments are scheduled. We will be present for all visiting nurse appointments if requested.

Information on Your Rights   We will make sure that you know your rights as a patient. For example, when you are at the hospital,  and you feel that your pain is not being controlled to the maximum extent possible, you have the right to see a pain doctor—a doctor who specializes in pain relief. Most hospitals have such doctors on hand, but again, generally they will not provide you with one unless you ask.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments   We will introduce you to Eastern/holistic/natural treatment options, if desired, such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, massage, and more—in addition to diet, nutrition, and exercise programs—to ensure that you are approaching your disease from all angles.

Follow-Up Appointments   We will schedule and accompany you to follow-up doctors’ appointments, take notes, and ensure that your questions are answered and your concerns addressed

Performance of Reasonable Requests   We will strive to perform the actions that are necessary to advocate effectively for you, whether or not they are listed here. We will do our best to meet any reasonable request that you have, so when in doubt, just ask.

Please contact us for pricing and payment options for the above services.

If your health condition is stable but would like help with healthcare,wellness programs,prevention needs

Emotional Support   We will provide emotional support and motivation every step of the way to help you to create and meet your health goals

Health Assessment/Wellness Plan   We will meet with you to create your own personal health assessment and wellness plan based on your unique medical profile.

Medical Team/Coordination of Care   We will locate a primary care physician best suited to your needs, and we will schedule all doctors’ appointments for you.This service may be especially helpful for those of you who have recently relocated to a new neighborhood and need to find a new doctor.

Doctors’ Appointments   We will accompany you to your doctors’ appointments and work with you and your physicians to address your unique needs and create reasonable health goals. We will make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you are asking the right questions.

Find the Right Dentist   We will help you to find a dentist in your area and make all dental appointments for you.

Medical Records   We will request and obtain your medical records, review your family medical history, write down allergies and medications, and organize all of this paperwork into one easy-to-access file so that you have it ready when you need it. This service will be especially helpful for people who have recently relocated and need to request the transfer of medical records from their previous doctors to their current doctors.

Medical Research   We will stay current with the medical data available for any health concerns you may have, based on your medical history, genetics, and lifestyle, and we will inform you regularly of any relevant studies, research, and findings in those areas.

Health Insurance/Government Benefits   We will complete applications on your behalf for health insurance, and will help you decide which health insurance company offers the best plans for the best prices given your unique needs. We will also complete applications to obtain Medicare, Social Security Disability, or other government benefits to which you may be entitled.


Medical Billing Support and Insurance Negotiation   We will respond to correspondences from insurance companies and hospital billing departments  we will negotiate with insurers on your behalf to overcome denials of care/reimbursement requests and to obtain permissions for necessary care.

Please contact us for pricing and payment options for the above services.

Are you from over sea's ? or out of state ?

If you are an international patient who is new to the United States, are returning to the United States for follow-up care, or are an out-of-state patient, you will have unique needs that must be met. In addition to providing the services listed in the first paragraph we will also provide the following services to our international and out-of-state clients:

Travel Arrangements   We will arrange to have you picked up at the airport upon arrival, and we will coordinate  your transportation needs

Accommodations   We will arrange for suitable furnished accommodations for you and your family, close to the hospitals and your caregivers. If you would prefer to stay in a hotel during your stay, we will book those accommodations and make sure that the hotel staff is apprised of all of your needs.

Tour Guide   We will act as your tour guide and show you around the area, pointing out restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, dry-cleaners, etc. and will provide you with brochures and maps of the area.

Translators   We will make sure that translators are always available at the hospital to eliminate language barriers. We will make sure that language differences do not cause misunderstandings or otherwise prevent you from receiving the best medical care possible.

Cultural/Religious Matters   We will address any cultural or religious differences that may exist to ensure that your caregivers respect these differences, and to ensure that such differences do not result in miscommunication among you and your physicians and other caregivers.

Please contact us for pricing and payment options for the above services.

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