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Why We Are Here

People who are suffering from  chronic illness  are often overwhelmed with the logistical, emotional and physical challenges that await them as they try to regain their health. Family members and well-meaning friends can be a wonderful help; but they are often overly emotional and unable to make the best objective decisions on behalf of their loved one. Anyone who has ever been sick with a chronic illness will tell you, your life can be turned upside down before you know it.

Paperwork and bills start to pile up; researching your chronic illness on the Internet will fill you with terror; you will be confused by which doctor to choose and which treatment options to follow; and your life at home may start to fall apart as your spouse and children try to adapt to the new situation.

Even people who are healthy may not have the time . Booking doctors’ appointments takes time. Finding a good doctor or dentist and getting an appointment takes time. Ordering medical records can use up half of a person’s day. And dealing with health insurance companies to dispute denials of coverage or to obtain permissions for treatment can be a maddening way to spend an afternoon. The health care system is bureaucratic, inefficient, and time-consuming. Who has the time to deal with all of this red tape?

You might think that you are capable of taking care of yourself and your loved ones, but when illness strikes the truth is that you need someone by your side to watch out for your best interests and to make sure that medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, medication mistakes, and other oversights do not happen to you and your loved ones. At the very least, you need a patient navigator to help you understand what your diagnosis is and why you need certain tests and procedures.

It is hard enough dealing with serious illness without also being the victim of medical errors/oversights and hospital-acquired infections. Your patient navigator will  monitor your medical caregivers to ensure their compliance with all safety protocols, and will speak up on your behalf.  The presence of your patient navigator at your hospital bedside, or at your home when a visiting nurse is present, will provide an extra incentive for health care professionals to behave in accordance with the highest standards.

For those of you who are currently healthy, you also need a patient navigator to make sure you keep healthy. Let the patient navigator be the one to find you the best doctor in town, book your doctors’ appointments, create wellness plans for you to follow, and collect and address important family medical history. Let a patient navigator be the one to  negotiate with your health insurance company or dispute medical bills on your behalf. So do not delay in hiring a patient  navigator to advocate for you.

What is the solution for all of the people described here?
The solution is to hire a patient navigator.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you,that is why we are here.

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